This decidedly un-motley crew recorded Don Berman's Ascension NW Project at Jack Straw /productions, engineered by Doug Haire. It'll air on "Sonarchy", KEXP-FM 90.3 in a few weeks. Left to right: Bassist Abbey Blackwell, Trumpeter Ray Larsen, Altoist Seth Alexander, Tenorist Neil Welch, Tenorist and Soprono-er Dick Valentine, Instigator and Drummer Don Berman, Bassist Ryan Berg, Tenorist Kenny Mandel, Keyboardist Matt McCluskey, and Trumpeter Skippy Bogfellow.



















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Here is some video from a Sidewinder gig at Mona's-








Gallery 1412 has put together a compilation CD by its members, for the measly price of $5. It includes an unreleased recording by my late mentor Al Hood and me of the Ballad from "M.D.D.-Four 4" from "Wending".






A small part of "PK and What Army" at The Seamonster-what a great gig at a great place-

Left to right: Jon Rieser, Troy Grugett, me, Andy Coe, and Tom Varner.

More shots by Chris Davis here.  (Facebook login required.)